Citrus Verbena Fresh Conditioner

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Refreshing and fruity conditioner, enriched with an extract of organic verbena from Provence, lemon essential oil and grapefruit extract.

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This fresh conditioner helps smooth and detangle hair, leaving it pleasantly scented with the sparkling and fruity notes of citrus fruits and verbena. Its ultra-fresh formula leaves hair light, shiny, and easy to style. Contains an extract of organic verbena from Provence, lemon essential oil, and a grapefruit extract from Italy. Suitable for all hair types. Apply after shampoo, massage, then rinse.


1 - Squeeze out the excess water from your hair with your hands or a towel
2 - Pour a small amount of conditioner onto your palms and rub your hands together
3 - Gently massage into your hair, concentrating on the ends (try to avoid your scalp)
4 - Run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through your hair to separate strands
5 - Leave the conditioner in your hair for 3 to 5 minutes
6 - Rinse thoroughly by using your fingers to draw water through your hair
7 - Rinse again with cool water to remove any remaining impurities and to smooth the capillary fiber, to make your hair more shiny
8 - Dry your hair gently with a towel


Verbena bath and shower products gently perfume your skin with the sparkling and refreshing fragrance of the verbena. Discover our selection of soaps, shower gels and hair care. “There is simplicity and so much elegance in the expression of a verbena extract from Provence. Its scent is the most natural thing in the world.” - Olivier Baussan, L'OCCITANE Founder Bath & Shower


Organic Verbena from ProvenceInvigorates, soothes
Essential oil of citrusPurifies, invigorates and stimulates
Extract of Italian grapefruitEnlivens
Refreshing agentsProvides a feeling of freshness


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  • I've used it for a month and have my soft, fresh and clean hair. This conditioner is not heavy, it leaves you very light hair.

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