Shipment service of products shall be available within Mexican territory only. Shipment of products shall be made through L’Occitane’s on-line trading logistics operator, United Parcel Service de México, S.A. de C.V. (‘UPS’), to any location within Mexican territory with destination coverage to all zip codes of Mexico. For the convenience of User, UPS tools permit L’Occitane the tracking of all shipments.
The following provisions shall apply to all shipments of products, among others:

(i) Within one business day following the date on which the order becomes firm, L’Occitane shall prepare the User’s request and shall coordinate delivery thereof to User with UPS, which shall undertake its best endeavors to deliver such products within four (4) business days after the date on which UPS receives the instruction from L’Occitane. Packages shall be prepared and shipped directly from the online trading warehouse of L’Occitane in Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico;

(ii) Products shall be shipped to the delivery address, as indicated by User. User shall be solely responsible of providing accurate and correct information in order to ensure delivery of products, including full information details in the event User needs to be contacted by phone (including area code). In the event UPS and/or L’Occitane fail to contact User in case of the occurrence of an incident, the order shall be cancelled, thereby eliminating the possibility of User to file any complaint whatsoever;

(iii) If the delivery address provided is incorrect and the same is corrected in the future, additional charges may apply for shipments (or attempts of delivery) after the correct address is provided, and User hereby accepts these additional services which shall be rendered as his/her sole expense and cost;

(iv) Shipment expenses are in the amount of One Hundred and Forty Pesos 00/100 lawful money in Mexico (MXN$140.00), VAT included. User agrees these charges at the time of accepting the Terms and Conditions and Sales Policies, as provided herein;

(v) In the event UPS does not cover the address for delivery requested by User, L’Occitane, User and UPS shall chose the nearest delivery office to the address of recipient within the UPS network. L’Occitane assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any additional charges in the event User choses this option;

(vi) User shall provide sufficient and necessary documents for the delivery of products, such as official identification and proof of the transaction by means of which User had purchased the product, among other things; 

(vii) L’Occitane and UPS assume no liability for any interruption or delay in the delivery of products to User, due to causes that are beyond their control, including, without limitation Acts of God or Force Majeure events;

(viii) User (or recipient) of products shall be the only responsible of checking that the products arrive to their destination free of damages or deterioration; and

(ix) User hereby agrees and acknowledges as sufficient proof of delivery of the products, the signature of consignees or of those who are present at the address of User at the time of delivery, through the use of UPS’ ‘Delivery Information Acquisition Device’ (DIAD) or through any other electronic, handwritten or printed system UPS may use in the future.

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