Prices, Rates and Promotions

Sale prices of products are denominated in Mexican Pesos (MXN), legal tender in the United Mexican States (Mexico). Such prices are effective at the time of placing the order and do not include shipment expenses, which shall be subject to provisions of section (6)(iv) of these Sales Policies. Prices include the value added tax (‘VAT’). In the event any placed order of any product becomes a confirmed order, L’Occitane shall respect the price so agreed provided, however, that in the event that at the time of generating the order the same was processed with the wrong price, such order may be cancelled, provided prior notice to be made by L’Occitane to User.

L’Occitane reserves the right to modify, vary or change any prices and rates, at any time and without need of prior notice.

Sales promotions offered through L’Occitane Web Page have a particular duration, which shall be specified in the communications and information related to such promotions. Promotions shall be valid once by person, while stock last. No promotion is accruable.