Placement of orders of products shall be made through L’Occitane Web Page, by following the steps described therein. Visit site map for an overview of all sections of L’Occitane Web Page.

Before making and placing any order, User shall agree to the Terms and Conditions and Sales Policies set forth in the L’Occitane Web Page by expressly and explicitly stating that he/she is aware of, that accepts and shall observe the same as of the time User checks the box “I Accept the Terms and Conditions” by selecting “yes” and then proceeding to the “Payment Zone”.

The process to place orders for products shall be subject to, among others, the following:

(i) Validation. Any order of products shall be deemed as pending until the financial institution or Bank (as defined in Section (7) of these Sales Policies) validates or verifies that it is a valid transaction and confirms the corresponding payment. After this validation is made, the order shall be deemed as a firm/confirmed order.

(ii) Additional Information. L’Occitane reserves the right to verify the payment information and to request any official document from User in order to confirm the transaction.

(iii) Confirmation. User shall receive a first e-mail to confirm any order of products; thereafter, as of the time such order is firm and following validation of the order and confirmation of payment of the product, User shall receive all information related to the transaction via e-mail, according to the data provided by User.

(iv) Incorrect Information. By no reason, under no event or circumstance shall L’Occitane be responsible of any inaccurate, incorrect or false information provided by User, including, without limitation, errors in the e-mail address, mailing address, phone numbers, contact data and consignees.

(v) Transaction Support. User shall be the sole responsible party to keep the documental or electronic supporting information sufficient and necessary to evidence the transaction.

(vi) Cancelation Right. L'Occitane reserves the right to cancel any orders placed by User if there is a pre-existing conflict regarding payment of a previous order or if L’Occitane suspects any irregularity