Changes and Cancellations

(i) Changes. L’Occitane accepts changes of products, provided that the cancelation is requested by User within ten (10) calendar days following receipt thereof and due to the following causes, only:
(a) If the products have manufacturing defects; and
(b) If products sent are mistaken (if the product was sent erroneously by L’Occitane’s warehouse), provided that User has kept the original warping and there are no signs of mishandling or use.

In both cases:
User shall contact L’Occitane whether:
By phone: Toll-free number 01 800 0056435, service schedule Monday to Friday from 14:30 hrs. to 18:00 hrs.; or
Via e-mail:, in which case L’Occitane shall contact User within no more than two (2) business days,

User shall provide the following information:
• Order number
• Date of receipt of the product
• Grounds to return the product

Any return of products shall be subject to a formal agreement between buyer and L’Occitane.
In the event the petition to replace the product is admissible:
(a) L’Occitane shall send an e-mail to the registered address of User with an UPS guide, duly filled-in from origin and with destination to L’Occitane warehouse in Mexico City, Federal District Mexico;

(b) Once the UPS guide referred to in paragraph (a) above is received, User shall print it out within the next five (5) calendar days following receipt thereof, provided that failure to do so within such term shall cause expiration of such guide, and L’Occitane shall not be obliged to replace it or renew it. Once User prints out the guide, he/she shall have five (5) additional calendar days to contact UPS to the number 01 800 90 29200 so as to request UPS to collect the relevant product(s). L’Occitane and UPS shall not be responsible in the event User fails to request collection of products after the above referred period of time elapses. Any returned products shall be sent in compliance with the following 4 conditions:
• Attach to the package a copy of the e-mail confirming the order of products bearing the corresponding order number;
• Include in the package a clarifying note indicating the reason or grounds under which the replacement of products is requested; • Use the original packaging and secure it appropriately. The product shall keep the original package and show no signs of mishandling;
• The product shall be unused. If any of the above mentioned conditions is not complied with, L’Occitane reserves the right not to change the products.

(c) Once the product subject matter of the change is received at L’Occitane warehouse, L’Occitane shall send the replacing product subject matter of the change via UPS within two (2) business days. This term is in addition to the delivery term UPS delivers products customarily.

Any expenses derived from any change shall be at the exclusive expense of L’Occitane, however, L’Occitane assumes no responsibility for any loss or damages that may occur during this process. No refunds of money shall be effected under any circumstances.
(ii) Cancelations. No cancelations are accepted.
(iii) Warranty. L’Occitane shall only guarantee and change the products according to provisions of section (8)(i).