Brightening Cleansing Foam Cream

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Brightening Cleansing Foam Cream


Tests in vitro Test ** satisfaction in 25 women for 4 weeks. Tolerance tested under dermatological and ophthalmological.
This foam, formulated without soap, daily care your skin without drying. Its creamy texture transforms into a creamy lather to effectively remove impurities and makeup, and reveal fresh skin and a bright complexion.

Associated biological Immortelle essential oil to help smooth and tighten skin with an extract of Bellis Perennis lightening to even out and brighten the complexion.

Fresh and clean, the skin is soft and comfortable. The complexion is even and luminous, glowing youth.

The Evergreen is a plant of exceptional longevity: once cut, never fades. Its essential oil is rich in active molecules with anti-aging cosmetic properties only.

The Bellis Perennis, better known as Margarita, provides an extract uniformizante regulating melanin production *.

Visible results **: - Immediately, the skin is of make-up (96%) and clear off your appearance (90%) - After four weeks, the complexion is more even (87%) and light (84%) *


La Flor de Immortelle es conocida como la flor eterna… Nunca se marchita, incluso después de haber sido cortada. Su aceite esencial orgánico es rico en moléculas activas con propiedades únicas anti-envejecimiento. Por más de diez años, L'OCCITANE ha revelado y patentado los excepcionales poderes anti-envejecimiento del Immortelle de Córcega – de donde proviene la única variedad que contiene una muy alta concentración de ingredientes activos. Descubre nuestra colección de Immortelle, que ofrece soluciones integrales anti-edad para el rostro. Immortelle Précieuse


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  • Great truth from the first application, you can see the difference I have the slightly darker skin of the face, arms and feet and I've applied in those areas as well and it's going very well. I recommend it widely.

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