Aqua Réotier Gel

Mascarilla Ultra Hidratante de Noche

Nueva mascarilla ultra hidratante formulada con agua del manantial Réotier, rica en minerales, ácido hialurónico y moléculas fijadoras de agua, para hidratar intensamente la piel.

The Aqua Réotier source


Nestled in the mountainous Haute-Alpes region, the natural spring has uniquely mineral waters, with a big helping of calcium. We’ve tapped into it to bring you the Aqua Reotier line.

Completa tu Rutina de Hidratación

Unique Beauty Source

The unique mineralized source of Réotier


Up to 10x more concentrated in moisture-retention calcium than any other thermal water, the lively Réotier spring is a holy unique source. A treasured site of Provence, the untouched water of Réotier spring is gorged with minerals and blended with cool rainwater, an elixir for replenished, plumpy and radiant skin. We are committed to using it responsibly to secure both the healthy-looking beauty of your skin and nature itself.  Only 0.04% of the total annual volume of the source will be carefully taken out for our Aqua Réotier hydration range.