28 Day Divine Renewal Program

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28 Day Divine Renewal Program


The Divine Renewal Program with organic immortelle essential oil acts in 4 steps, specifically developed to work in tune with the skin renewal cycle. 4 formulas in 4 weeks to enhance overworked skin’s natural ability to regenerate.

  • Week 1- Gentle Exfoliation: Pistacia lentiscus or “Mastic Tree” essential oil acts as a gentle exfoliator by encouraging the natural shedding process of the skin, leaving the skin feeling more soft and smooth.
     o 74% Skin looks luminous*
     o 80% Skin’s surface feels more even*

  • Week 2- Hydration & Nutrition: A unique blend of 4 vegetable oils, combined with cistus essential oil, help nourish and hydrate skin.
     o 86% Skin feels intensely nourished*
     o 89% Skin feels intensely moisturized*

  • Week 3- Balance: Myrtle and Rosemary essential oils, with rebalancing properties, contribute to the overall well-being of the skin.
     o 69% Skin seems to be strengthened*
     o 83% Skin’s overall aspect seems improved*

  • Week 4- Renewal: Carrot, Cypress and Immortelle essential oils provide a solution to the visible signs of aging for a glowing complexion.
     o 89% Skin seems smoother*
     o 83% Skin appears regenerated*

* Consumer tests conducted over 4 weeks on 35 working women living in an urban environment and exposed to stress.


La Flor de Immortelle es conocida como la flor eterna… Nunca se marchita, incluso después de haber sido cortada. Su aceite esencial orgánico es rico en moléculas activas con propiedades únicas anti-envejecimiento. Por más de diez años, L'OCCITANE ha revelado y patentado los excepcionales poderes anti-envejecimiento del Immortelle de Córcega – de donde proviene la única variedad que contiene una muy alta concentración de ingredientes activos. Descubre nuestra colección de Immortelle, que ofrece soluciones integrales anti-edad para el rostro. > DESCUBRE NUESTROS CONSEJOS DE APLICACIÓN > Immortelle Divine


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  • Excellent product. My skin was completely renewed. Thank you!!!

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    • # San Pedro Cholula, Puebla
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