Historic Partnership

The story begins in the 80s when BAUSSAN Olivier, founder of L'OCCITANE, visiting for the first time on Burkina Faso. He heard about shea butter, called "Gold Women" recognized as a perfect beauty balm for the skin.

Since 1989, L'OCCITANE has continued to work with women shea in the spirit of sustainable co-development.

Buy Direct

L'OCCITANE buys directly from cooperatives in Burkina Faso, over 600 tonnes of butter fair and valuing the work of 16 000 women. This exchange is more than just a business transaction. Butter is pre-funded to the tune of 80% and paid a fair price covering all costs of production and leaving a margin for investment.

Fair Trade

In 2009, we professionalized the industry is attested "Fair Trade" by ECOCERT ESR ("Solidarity and Fair Head"). Women's groups can now develop a label with international customers and lasting emancipation.