5 essential beauty steps after sport

Vital for a balanced lifestyle, practicing a sport activity means adopting a specific beauty routine after each session. Discover these simple habits to adopt after exercise.
By Mélissa Darré

Step 1: calm your skin with a mist

When subjected to external aggressions and sweating caused by exercise, your skin can tend to become red. To help calm this hot feeling after doing exercise, apply Shea Face Comforting Mist. When applied liberally to the face and neck, this spray enriched with extract of the precious "gold of the Burkina Faso Women", immediately refreshes the skin. Better still, it calms and deeply moisturises it thanks to its soft and no alcohol formula.

Step 2: take a revitalising shower

After doing some stretching for around 15 minutes, the time has come to jump in the shower. For an intense feeling of relaxation, make sure you wash your skin using warm water with Verbena Shower Gel. The best bit? Its deliciously lemony irresistible fragrance, which both calms and revitalises. For a beautiful finish, end your shower with a blast of cold water, from your waist down, to re-kick your circulation.

Step 3: Freshen-up your hair

To remove sweat that has formed on your hair whilst exercising, your best friend is Revitalising Fresh Shampoo. Mint, thyme, grapefruit, cedar and lavender combine in this haircare product made from essential fragranced oils and purifying plant-based vinegar. Creating a gentle foam when in contact with water, this silicone-free shampoo cleans the pores of your scalp, revitalising them and creating a long-lasting refreshing feel. 

Step 4: pamper your skin with a cream

Once out of the shower, dry yourself off with a warm towel. Then, combine pleasure and practicality by giving yourself a relaxing massage whilst applying your moisturising cream. Using Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Cream, lightly massage your body from top to toe, paying special attention to any tense areas. In addition to deeply nourishing your skin, this miracle balm gives you one last touch of relaxation after exercise.

Step 5: Make yourself up

Once you've finished your session, a quick makeover is needed. For a beautiful complexion with minimum effort, choose Immortelle BB Cream. With this multi-functional skincare product, your skin is more unified, smooth, enhanced and moisturised, all in one go. What's more, it's deeply protected from the sun's harmful rays, thanks to its natural UV filters (SPF30). The icing on the cake? Finally, envelop yourself with the intense floral fragrance of Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette.

5 essential beauty steps after sport
5 essential beauty steps after sport

Discover these simple habits to adopt after exercise

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